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Shoulder Pain Relief

Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Athletes aren’t the only ones susceptible to shoulder tension and other major shoulder pains.  Commoners too, can suffer from strained shoulder muscles, tenseness and other minor aches and pains simply due to overusing our shoulder muscles.


Whether it’s tissue irritation or joint aggravation, shoulder pain isn’t fun. Thankfully, chiropractors work well with shoulder ailments and often times, make simple adjustments so costs stay low, and pain subsides completely.

Why Chiropractors Work Miracles with Shoulders

Working with various spine configurations every day uniquely qualifies chiropractors to work solely with shoulders, too. The rotator cuff, which has tendons leading down toward your upper spine, are comprised of various muscle groups which lead to your rotator cuff, where even more tendons and cartilage keep your arm loose enough to pivot.


With excessive use, tendons and cartilage can tear, strain, even throb incessantly. By loosening up your arm, neck, upper back and shoulder blade area, chiropractors can relieve any pent-up tension which causes pains that seem to never end. These pains can lead to postural syndrome which rolls shoulders forward.

Arthritis is another known cause of shoulder pain which can even cause inflammations that chiropractors can work out of your shoulders. Arthritic pains and fibromyalgia are manageable, although shoulder pains may be chronic.

How Chiropractors Can Treat Your Shoulder Pain

Several methods are frequently practiced by chiropractors to relieve shoulder pain, including:

  • Testing and imaging to pinpoint acute shoulder pains

  • Adjusting neck and upper back areas

  • Educate patients on proper posture which directly affects back and shoulder areas

  • Help form exercise plans to keep shoulders loose

When to Contact Chiropractors

You’ll want to Contact Raleigh Specific Chiropractic when the pain is unbearable. However, some telltale signs may include popping, unusual stiffness, even a decrease in range of motion. All these symptoms could worsen if you forego chiropractic care.

Nobody but the person in pain knows when it’s right to seek medical attention for shoulder issues; you could read a plethora of online forums and experience no immediate symptoms but one day, it hits you.  Should you have any uncertainty about shoulder pains you’re having, don’t waste precious time and seek out the assistance of an experienced Chiropractor Clinic in Raleigh as it’s much less expensive than dealing with potential surgery, or worse, arm disability.

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