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James - A surgeon wanted to perform surgery

“I had very bad lower back pain and shoulder pain.  I went to my family doctor in February and had x-rays done there. She referred me to take an MRI; which showed that my spine was twisted and that I had arthritis and bone spurs. My primary doctor sent me to an orthopedic surgeon, who wanted to perform a surgery that would have left two screws in my back. When I came to see Dr. Winget, I could barely make it through the tests and x-rays. I could not lie on my back without having severe pain. I could not lift my arms straight up or lift my legs. I also could not bend over, making it difficult to put shoes on.

I started treatment with Dr. Winget in April, and I am doing so much better. I can get a good night’s rest, tie my shoes, and bend over.”


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