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FAQ's About Chiropractic Care

“I Don’t Like My Neck Popped. How Can You Help Me?”

We Utilize Many Techniques That Are Gentle But Effective. These Include Instrument And Drop Table Adjustments Which Accomplish Great Results. No “Popping” Necessary!

Am I Too Old For Chiropractic Care?

The Eldest Patient In Our Practice Is 94 Years Old. As Long As You Desire To Be Healthy, 100% Nerve Supply Is Part Of That Equation. With Growing Concerns About Over-Medication And The Side Effects Of The Prescription Drugs Especially In Our Senior Population, More And More People Are Considering Chiropractic In Their Later Years. Restoring Better Spinal Function By Removing Subluxations, Can Help Improve Arthritic Symptoms, Mobility And Vitality.

Can Children Be Adjusted?

Absolutely. We Have Several Different Techniques That Safely And Comfortably Correct Spinal Subluxations In Both Infants And Babies. 15% Of Our Practice Is Composed Of Children As Most Parents Want Their Children To Reach Their Full Potential Of Health And A Healthy Spine And Nervous System Is Part Of That.

Do You Take X-Rays?

Yes, We Need To Evaluate The Structure Of Your Spine Prior To Giving You An Adjustment. We Also Utilize Comparative Or Post X-Rays At Different Intervals Of Your Care. Most People Report Improvement After Receiving Adjustments; However, This Allows Us To Objectively Measure The Amount Of Improvement You Have Received Through Care In Our Office.

How Does Your Office Handle My Health Insurance?

Our Office Is Extremely Insurance Friendly. We Encourage You To Bring Your Card In To The Office On The Day Of Your Initial Visit. Our Office Participates With Select Insurance Carriers Including Medicare. This Will Allow Us To Contact Your Insurance Company To Verify Their Level Of Participation In Your Chiropractic Care. If Your Plan Has Coverage For Chiropractic, As A Courtesy We Will File Your Claims Electronically To The Company.

How Long Does A Chiropractic Evaluation Take?

A First Visit To Our Office Takes About 45 Minutes. In Order To Keep Your Time To A Minimum, Please Download The Paperwork From Our Website, Fill Out And Bring In With You.

For Spinal Decompression Candidates, This First Visit Typically Takes About 60 Minutes. We Do Pride Ourselves For Being Punctual, So Please Arrive A Few Minutes Early. You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised This Is Not Your Typical Doctors Office Visit!

How Many Times Will I Need To Be Adjusted?

This Varies Depending On The Severity Of Subluxations We Find, The Level Of Degeneration (Arthritis) That Is Present In Your Spine And The Healing Capacity Of Your Own Body. On Your Second Visit To The Office, We Review This With You As We Go Over The Results Of Your Initial Evaluation.

If I Am Involved In An Automobile Accident, How Will Your Office Work With Me?

We Will Utilize All Available Insurance Sources. These Include All Liability Carriers, Major Health Insurance Carriers, And Medical Payment Riders On Your Auto Insurance. We Also Will Work With Your Attorney If Your Case Requires Legal Assistance.

Is Chiropractic Care Affordable?

We Understand The Higher Cost Of Healthcare These Days And Work To Be Part Of The Solution For This. The Cost Of An Adjustment Is Less Than Most Co-Payments. As A Courtesy, We Also Have Payment Plans Available For You And Your Family. We Offer The Care We Feel Is Best For You, Not What The Insurance Dictates.

Once You Are Adjusted, Do You Have To Be Adjusted Your Whole Life?

No! Chiropractic Adjustments Are Not Addicting. However, Many People Chose To Be Adjusted Throughout Their Life As They Realize How Much Better They Feel As Well As See Great Improvements In Their Overall Health When Their Spine And Nervous System Are Working At 100%.

What Adjustment Techniques Do You Use?

We Use A Combination Of Drop Tables, Adjusting Instruments, And Traditional Diversified Adjustments. The Techniques Include Thompson, Activator, Impulse, Diversified, Chiropractic Bio-Physics, Gonstead, Toggle, And Kale Knee Chest. Part Of Our Initial Evaluation Is To Learn Any Concerns That You May Have About Adjustment’s And Address Them So We Can Find The Best And Most Comfortable Way For You To Be Adjusted.

When Will I Feel Better?

Everyone Is Different. We Are Not Able To Predict How Quickly Your Body Will Heal. Most People Report Some Changes Within The First Few Visits, But This Varies Based On Several Different Factors. Our Goal Is To Remove Obstructions In Your Nervous System Called Subluxations. Each Of The Adjustments Builds Upon The Other To Maximize Your Expression Of Health. Your Healing Is Directly Influenced By Your Nutrition, The Level Of Exercise You Engage In, Stress Levels And Medications You May Be Taking.

Will I Be Adjusted On My First Visit?

In Most Cases, We Do Not. Here’s Why. Your Health Is Our Main Priority. During Your First Visit To Our Office, You Will Undergo A Thorough Evaluation. This Would Include A Health History, Chiropractic Evaluation And Any Necessary Scans And/Or X-Rays. Both Of Our Staff Doctors Will Review Your Case. You Will Schedule A Follow Up Visit For The Next Day Or Two To Review The Results Of Your Evaluation, Answer Any Additional Questions, And Give You Your First Adjustment In Our Office!