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Carpal Tunnel

Chiropractic Treatment for Carpal Tunnel a Better Alternative to Surgery

Currently, the standard treatment for Carpal Tunnel is surgical intervention. Surgery to correct for Carpal Tunnel syndrome is not only costly; it comes with specific and real costs and risks for the patient. Focusing primarily on the median nerve, the aim is to take pressure off of the nerve. And, thereby, targeting the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel. Unfortunately, even when successful, the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel in 75% of surgical patients, returns around two years post-surgery.

Why Choose chiropractic care to treat Carpal Tunnel?

Researchers are beginning to understand the condition of Carpal Tunnel. A more involved process, the pain, although felt in the arms and wrist, results from a problem elsewhere in the body. Carpal Tunnel originates from the misalignment of ligaments, muscles, and bones in the neck.

Since Carpal Tunnel originates from the spine and neck, not the wrist and arm region, a chiropractor should be the first line of treatment. Chiropractic care is not only an excellent alternative to surgery; it achieves better results and is much less invasive. Raleigh Specific Chiropractic specializes in Chiropractic Health in Raleigh and has the experience to help with your carpal tunnel.

Benefits of chiropractic care when you have carpal tunnel

The benefits of chiropractic care for CT are numerous:

  • It is much less invasive than surgery
  • Chiropractic care reduces the risks associated with anesthesia and surgery
  • Relief is long-lasting and can be maintained periodically
  • Chiropractic treatment for carpal tunnel treats the problem instead of simply alleviating the symptoms
  • When used in addition to trigger point therapy, the results are excellent

What can a chiropractor do for a person with Carpal Tunnel

Chiropractic care for Carpal Tunnel can help to not only treat the symptoms of it; it corrects the problem in a non-invasive way. By manipulating the head, neck, and spine alignment, it releases pressure off of the nerves that result in hand, wrist, and arm pain. Also, since Carpal Tunnel is caused by trigger points, by relieving the pressure placed upon the nerves, you relieve the pain and cure it for the long-term instead of simply putting a band-aid on the problem.

Regular chiropractic care can work to reduce the pain and symptoms of Carpal Tunnel in as many as 67 percent of patients without the risks of surgery. A more permanent solution, it targets the cause instead of just treating the symptoms. Contact Raleigh Specific Chiropractic for more information.