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Chiropractic Treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease

What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Degenerative Disc Disease describes the symptoms of pain and possibly radiating weakness or numbness stemming from a degenerated disc in your spine.   The definition may sound simple but many patients who are diagnosed with DDD may be wondering what this diagnosis means for them and how they can find relief.

How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help for DDD?

Chiropractic treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease is a multi-step approach.  Our main goal is to improve joint mechanics by improving spinal motion and reducing inflammation.  We work on improving the function of the intervertebral discs for patients without advanced disc degeneration.  To help treat the symptoms of DDD, we use spinal adjustments or spinal “manipulation.”  Some common types that we use are:

  • Flexion-distraction technique:  In this scenario, we use a gentle, non-thrusting technique; typically used to treat herniated discs and spinal stenosis.
  • Specific spinal manipulation: We will identify the joints that are restricted or those that show abnormal motion and work to restore movement to the joints using a gentle thrusting technique.
  • Instrument-assisted manipulation: This technique uses a handheld instrument to apply gentle force without thrusting directly into the spine.

Chiropractors treating symptoms of DDD may also utilize manual therapy such as trigger point therapy, therapeutic massage, and manual joint stretching and resistance techniques.  Based on our patient’s specific needs and symptoms displayed, we choose the best technique to reach the highest and long lasting results.

When To Contact Your Chiropractor

Nobody but the person in pain knows when it’s right to seek medical attention for shoulder issues; you could read a plethora of online forums and experience no immediate symptoms but one day, it hits you.  Should you have any uncertainty about Degenerative Disc Disease symptoms you’re having, don’t waste precious time.  Seek out the assistance of an experienced Chiropractor Clinic in Raleigh as it’s much less expensive than dealing with potential surgery, or worse, arm disability.  Give us a call today to get started and find relief (919) 846-7004.