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5 Easy Ways To Combat Lower Back Pain Every Day

There are many wonderful benefits when it comes to working from home. The attire is much more casual than the office, your schedule is a bit more flexible and you have the choice to create the true environment that you’re in – whether it’s selecting a motivating playlist to listen to while you grind, setting the temperature to your liking or opening all of the windows to let a beautiful breeze flow in. 

However, working from home can also lead to working in some interesting positions. Without your ergonomic office chair, you may be stuck working at a location in your home that isn’t exactly set up for the best working position – this could be at the kitchen table, at a countertop on a stool or even the couch. These conditions can sometimes lead to back pain.

So, if you’re experiencing some aches and pains from your work day – the fix could be simple and offer some relief. Our team of chiropractic care specialists have put together the following guide offering some simple tips to try at home. 

1. Standing

It’s that simple. Sometimes when we’re in the zone working on a project and don’t shift positions for some time, it can wreak havoc on your spine. By standing up and giving your backside a break, your circulation improves and your muscles can enjoy the change in position.

Don’t forget to twist your torso a bit, bend at your waist and stretch out your arms. 

2. Walking

Taking a walk can be just enough to get the blood flowing and relieve minor aches and pains. A walk outside provides physical benefits, plus a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine can enhance your mood as well.

If you have a treadmill you could even walk while taking a meeting or listening to a presentation.

3. Strengthening

If there is a secret weapon when it comes to fighting back pain, it’s a strong core. Incorporating a simple plank or bear pose into your daily routine will gradually tone your core muscles.

Of course, this isn’t an overnight fix, but daily work on your core will result in the continued health of your spine.

4. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to strengthen while you stretch. If you don’t have time for a full class, try these simple poses at the onset of pain: 

  • Child’s Pose: Begin on your hands and knees. Slowly send your hips back far enough that you can rest your forehead on the floor. Breathe deeply in this position, stretching deeper with each exhale.
  • Cat-Cow: Begin on your hands and knees with a firm core. Pull your belly button in, rounding your entire spine like a cat. Then reverse the curve of your back, looking up. Repeat each pose five times.
  • Figure Four Stretch: Laying on your back, bend your knees. Place your right ankle on your left knee, and use your arms to lift your left leg toward your body. Pull until you feel a stretch in your right hip. Repeat on the other side.

5. Meditation

Believe it or not, some back pain can actually come from tension related to stress. For this reason, meditation is a great way to combat back pain. Taking a few minutes to meditate and focus on your breathing can help you relax your muscles, specifically the tense ones in your back.

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